Grand Prive Warning


A number of online casino players will be familiar with the online casinos Bella Vegas, Casino Grand Bay, Lake Palace, Jupiter Club & Roadhouse Rules, but not many will be aware of the latest shenanigans involving the group. Things are not looking good here!

As if it wasn’t bad enough with the US government pushing all the good casinos out of the US market leaving the path open for all the dodgy rogues and fly-by-nights to take full advantage, now we have a previously respected group pull a stunt that has got them relegated into the rogue pit at the legendary Casinomeister casino watchdog site.

So what did they do to deserve this? Well for some years now they, like every other online casino, have offerred an “affiliate” scheme to budding webmasters whereby the webmaster drives them traffic in return for a cut of the pie. It’s a popular concept not only in online gambling, but with places like Amazon, Ebay and a whole host of online product and service websites.

All well and good, but Grand Prive have decided that their affiliate scheme is “no longer a viable business” and as of the 1st December they have closed it down. However, they have taken the decision to leave the casinos open and to continue entertaining the players sent by their affiliates. The problem here is that the Grand Prive contract with affiliates refers to “lifetime revenue” – meaning that when a player is referred, any commissions due to the affiliate are paid for the entire time that the player stays playing at a Grand Prive casino.

The latest business move from Grand Prive essentially tells affiliates that they no longer intend to honour the contract and that they will continue to profit from the players referred without paying the commissions due in the contracts.

While this is obviously a major issue right now in affiliate-land, it also sends out a huge red flag to players for two reasons. Firstly, if the affiliate side of the business is no longer viable, what shape are Grand Prive’s casinos in financially right now? What’s more, the fact they are prepared to break a contract and steal the players from their affiliates indicates that perhaps the business ethics go out the window when times are hard.

If you are a player at Grand Prive, or come across any of the brands mentioned in the first paragraph of this article, I strongly suggest you keep your money well and truly out of the way. Things are not looking good.